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Observe Supported Living endeavor to assist the placing authorities in identifying a suitable plan for all service users requiring a service. Understanding just how daunting the experience can be, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible for all those involved.

Each referral will be assessed individually and responded to at the earliest opportunity once a robust a thorough assessment has been made against the following;

  1. Needs of the service user

  2. Level of support required

  3. Impact on those already in residence

  4. Suitability of the locality

Risk Assessments are completed to assess and manage the risks c individual service users residing together and every effort will be to match referrals into one of our available provisions. Where this IS not possible, bespoke or specialist packages could be explored.

Where placement is agreed, Observe Supported Living hope to complete visits to the resident in their current placement where appropriate to do so. Here they will make informal introductions and establish the relationship, providing information on their accommodation and support package.

We allow and encourage the service users to then visit our residence prior to moving in. This can be as frequently as they like, with persons significant to them or on their own all with the aim to make the process and transition as easy as possible and minimize anxieties. 4 Week Trial Periods can also be offered should it be deemed helpful.

Once admitted, service users will be made aware of the support available, their pathway plan discussed, plans created, and information gathered to determine where the support hours will be best utilized.

Placements and Referrals

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