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Service users who use the service will be informed of the Complaints Procedure in a variety of ways, this will be prior to admission, upon admission, and their understanding refreshed throughout their journey. A copy of the procedure will also be contained in the Welcome Pack which they will keep in their possession for reference.

When service users indicate they wish to make a complaint, Support Staff will do all that they reasonably can to ensure that all other resolutions available have been tried, rather than resorting to the making of a complaint.

Where a person insists that they wish to make a complaint, Support Staff or the Supported Living Manager concerned will deal with the matter. If they wish to do so, complainants may direct their complaints to others outside of Observe Supported Living, such as the Social Worker or Personal Assistant.

Complaints should preferably be put into writing, in a letter or using a Complaints Form; but other methods may be used, including the use of voice recording, video recording, or verbally.

Service users will be provided with reasonable assistance they require or request, including being advised that they may ask someone to make the complaint on their behalf. They will also be provided 'With information and contact details of Advocates.

Where a complaint involves a safeguarding matter, the Safeguarding Policy will be followed.

Supporting Living Manager – Hellen Marques

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Safeguarding Lead – Millos Katsekera

0203 – 731 – 6498

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