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Observe Supported Living acknowledge and understand that service users may present with a range of complex behaviour resulting from such factors as their family background, experiences, trauma and mental health.

Service users will be made aware of the expected standards of behaviour upon their arrival, and within this their Occupancy Agreement will set rules and clear information on what is unacceptable.

Whilst residing with Observe Supported Living, as part of the transition and growth, service users will have to become aware of the real-world consequences for their actions. These are consequences that would realistically happen to anyone else in society that carried out the same or similar actions.

Where consequences are imposed their purpose will be to further illustrate the 'real world consequences' service users will face. These will be used to further encourage the resident to take responsibility and acknowledge they are becoming adults and need to accept their independent future.

How and when such consequences are used are regularly reviewed by Observe Supported Living to ensure that they are effective and that they do not hinder or prevent the progress of the service users.

Physically Assault on our Staff or on our other residents will not be tolerated and Police involvement will be sought. This zero-tolerance approach is also likely to put the resident placement at Observe Supported Living at risk.

Physical Intervention

There may be occasions where service users require additional support and/or may pose a risk to themselves, staff or others. Where support staff recognise this they will attempt to de-escalate and talk things though, opening the channels of communication, providing support and hopefully ascertain the reasons behind their difficulties.

Observe Supported Living do not use Physical Intervention. Due to the nature and purpose of the service, considering the age and the realistic expectations and consequences for negative behaviour — support staff will exhaust de-escalation and re-direction strategies, but the Police may be summoned should behaviour become harmful or violent.

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