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Observe Supported Living recognise the importance of service users wanting friends, family and significant others to visit and spend time with them at their residence. Therefore, we endeavor to promote and support this contact where appropriate and safe to do so.

We ask that friends and visitors respect the rules, the Support Staff, the environment and the other service users as is the expectation of the residents.

There may be occasions whereby it is deemed inappropriate for service users to have visitors, this may be due to incidents within the home, meetings or visits, or due to concerns around the behaviour during previous visits. Due to this we ask that service users check with Support Staff prior to inviting or arranging visits.

There may also be times whereby certain peers or visitors are deemed to be inappropriate, detrimental to their welfare, and may even place the resident, Staff or other residents at risk. Where this is the case restrictions will be placed on such visits.

Where service users bring visitors to the home unannounced, they may be asked to leave or not be permitted to enter the residence. service users should have no more than 2 visitors at once, unless this is individually agreed in advance by the Support Staff and Manager.

Observe Supported Living will endeavor to support Family Contact whether by transportation, supervision or facilitation. Overnight stays at the Family home can also be arranged if agreed within their Pathway Plans.

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