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At Observe Supported Living all our residences operate robust fire safety procedures with a stringent fire policy which is rigorously applied.

Upon admission service users will be made aware of the fire policy, procedures and provided with fire safety advice. Staff and service users are expected to participate in regular evacuations as required. Fire alarms are tested recorded in line with our policy and in accordance and adherence to current legislation. Evacuation drills are completed in the daytime and occasional during the night-time so to prepare for all eventualities.

All our exits are clearly marked, emergency lighting and low-level floor lighting is present throughout, with fire equipment located in places advised by our external fire safety consultants.

Weekly checks of the environment, including visual checks of the electrics are conducted and any issues, concerns or defects are reported immediately to our dedicated maintenance team. All safety certificates, checks, repairs and maintenance records are held and stored in line with Health and Safety requirements.

Observe Responsibilities

  •   Fire Safety Measures
  •   Fire Action Notices
  •   Fire Safety Signage
  •   Emergency Lighting
  •   Annual Gas Checks
  •   5 Years Electrical tests
  •   Appropriate waste systems
  •   Energy Performance Cert
  •   Smoke Alarms
  •   Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  •   FD30 Fire Doors throughout
  •   Fire Resistant furnishings
  •   CS Marked Appliances

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