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Upon admission to Observe Supported Living, service users will be provided with clear expectations about the times in which they are expected back at the residence. Rules and expectations around what service users are to do when running late or in need of support or assistance are also clearly explained.

Every resident will have an individualized Missing Risk Assessment. This will contain extensive information which can aid and assist Support Staff and the Police locate the resident safe and well. As a minimum this will consist of; known acquaintances and addresses, history of missing and locations, CSE or CCE concerns, Health details, recent photograph, contact numbers, bank account details (if applicable)

Where service users fail to return at the expected times a Missing Person Report will be initiated. Each case will be decided on merit and reporting to the Police will be actioned accordingly. Before the Police are contacted Support Staff will take proactive steps to trace the resident whereabouts including; checking the residences, speaking to other service users, attempting to contact the resident, contact friends and family, and refer to Risk Assessments and Plans.

Some service users may absent themselves for a short period and then return, with their whereabouts known to the Support Team. Under these circumstances they will be classed as Absent without Authority unless there are apparent risks to their safety. Support Staff will record these incidences and they will be shared with the professional network.

Upon returning Support Staff will ensure that:

  •   The Police, Social Worker (EDT), Manager and other relevant parties are informed of the return
  •   The resident is welcomed back and given opportunity to explain the circumstances
  •   Any concerns are recorded and detailed within the Reports and shared accordingly.
  •  Medical Attention is offered and or sought should it be required.

The Police may choose to complete a Safe and Well Check upon their return, an Independent Return Interview should also be triggered by all Missing Episodes.

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