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Despite being an unregulated service, Observe Supported Living strive to ensure the same standards, quality and safeguarding measures are in place across in line with CQC Standard Services.

In order to achieve and maintain these high standards we have regular internal monitoring through our Head of Quality Assurance. We will assess our service by how we perform against the outcomes set by the placing authority either by framework, Individual Authority Arrangements and Notification, or by Pathway Plan.

Individual Progress is measured with our dedicated Progress Tracker, Support Staff will update this daily giving them an achievement score over several areas such as Hygiene, Education and Employment, Social, Finances. The Tracker will then provide weekly and/or monthly graphics to show trends, patterns and monitor progress.

Placing Authorities will be provided with regular feedback and updates regarding their service users. Where Incident or Missing episodes occur, they will be notified immediately and the provided with the respective reports. Monthly Reports will be completed and will be sent to the Social Worker and any other person(s) within the Placing Authority who it is agreed to share with. We also gather the views of these professionals as part of our Quality Assurance process.

Service User feedback is also extremely important to us at Observe Supported Living. At this stage of their lives service users need to be treated as individuals and thus have a say in the support that they receive. We therefore recognise that our service users play a key role in monitoring and evaluating the quality and effectiveness of our services.

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