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Observe Supported Living takes extensive steps to ensure that the service users placed in our services are effectively safeguarded.

Staff have a key role in this safeguarding process, and they are provided with the required skills, qualifications and training to protect the service users from harm.

All our Support Staff are employed under our parent company Observe Care Ltd. This is a regulated provider registered with CQC. Due to this, all our staff undergo a stringent and robust recruitment process under the Safer Recruitment Guidelines.

Staff Training

  •   Safeguarding
  •   Fire Safety
  •   Medication
  •   Health and Safety
  •   Infection Control
  •   Equality and Diversity
  •   CES
  •   Prevent Duty
  •   First Aid
  •   Lone Working

Safeguarding Measures

  •   Safer Recruitment
  •   Full CCTV
  •   HMO Licensed Accommodation
  •   Robust Internal Monitoring
  •   Clear Complaints Procedure
  •   Safeguarding Policy
  •   Bullying Policy
  •   Health and Safety Policy
  •   24/7 Staffing and On Call

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